Below is a list of MINI sessions that I will be offering for 2024. MINI sessions are typically $145, 15 minutes long, & 15 digital images- unless otherwise stated.

MINI sessions will be posted live on my facebook page with a link to sign up for booking.

MINI packers will have first chance, then my VIP group, and then I will opening booking for public.

The 2024 line up is as follows:




Eras (Teen Girl)



Mother's Day

Spring Family (Unthemed)


Fun in the Sun

Peach Orchard

4th of July

Hippie/VW Bus

Back to School



Turner Falls

Fall (Unthemed)



You are not able to click these links below, they are just inspo or photos to show clients the upcoming sessions. Not all sessions are shown.

Black & White


Classic photos to show the personality of your little.
Timeless. With this MINI you receive both color & black and white images.
*this set up is for kids only
4 kids max.


What is your turn around time?

My turn around time for galleries is usually 3 weeks unless stated otherwise.
Weddings are a bit longer 5-8 weeks depending on time of year.

What if I'm late to my session?

For MINI sessions your time is deducted off because I am booked back to back so I have to move on to the next client. So if your session is 20 minutes and you're 10 minutes late you will only get 10 minutes of shoot time.
For regular sessions I will wait up to 15 minutes before I terminate the session. No refunds will be given. That is why it's always better to arrive a little early.

How long do you keep galleries up?

You will receive a message from me saying that your gallery has been sent.
From there, you will have 15 days to download your gallery to a desktop computer. If you need to purchase a USB you will reach out to me and I will mail that to you.
After 15 days there is a re-upload fee & after 60 days I do not guarantee to have your images due to shooting at high volume.

Do I have to order prints through you?

You do not. Although the option is there for you to purchase directly through your link, you can also download the images directly to your computer and order them from a lab of your choice.
I do not guarantee the quality of any images printed outside of a professional lab.

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