You booked a session... Now what?

Let's decide on a location. Location is pretty important for your session. It's going to give off a certain vibe. Are you wanting an open field with tall grass, do you want a water source nearby, flower field, studio session, or more urban downtown feel?

If you aren't sure I have posted some examples of places that I often shoot at but we are not limited to use just these places. If you have a great idea for location or maybe even a private location that not many other people have access to shoot me message- I am always down for exploring new places!

Let's talk outfits!

What you wear to your session matters. You want to be comfortable to move around and be yourself. I love outfits that give room for movement. If you're uncomfortable in your outfit it's going to show in your photos. As far as "matching" I don't love matchy-matchy outfits- I love to pick a color scheme & play off of those colors to create something that pulls tones together. I have a pintrest board for clients that is full of color schemes that photograph well. I always tell clients choose moms outfit first. You're probably going to be the hardest one to dress. So get yours and then build off of that. & you are always more than welcome to send me photos to see which will photograph best or what matches best.

Here is the link to my client pintrest board:

KBP Pintrest Board